About Netline

Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd.  develops, manufactures, and sells cutting edge electronic countermeasures and full spectrum dominance solutions to the global defense and homeland security markets, since 1998:   

about netline


  • COMJAM & Counter RC-IED jamming solutions - operationally deployed, ruggedized and conforming to military standards. Including reactive/hybrid ManPack jamming systems tested to withstand international safety standards and covering the full range of threats in a single system, vehicular reactive/hybrid systems, portable, miniaturized, and stationary systems.
  • Tactical interception and SIGINT solutions including spectral analysis, signal classification and demodulation, cell phone monitoring and location/direction finding.
  • Prison cell phone control solutions including cell phone jamming, detection and managed access systems.
  • Wireless intrusion detection/ monitoring system & cell phone detection solutions for government and corporate sensitive facilities.
  • Emergency mobile communications and emergency victim location solutions for search and rescue operations.

Netline’s vast and varied experience, together with our expertise, enable us to continue providing the most professional solution ensuring full spectrum dominance for each client, based on mission needs, relevant threats and field constraints.

Our security experts constantly trace and analyze market changes and trends. Netline’s multi-disciplinary R&D division continuously innovates, develops and customizes systems according to clients and missions complex demands.