IED Jamming

Netline’s cutting edge solution for a full coverage reactive IED Jamming System that is housed in a single unit and can be carried by a single war fighter.

The C-Guard RJ ManPack is based on a software defined radio (SDR) platform, enabling flexibility and adaptability to various arenas and new emerging threats

Reactive Jamming 

C-Guard RJ ManPack incorporates a wideband receiver that continuously performs broadband spectral analysis of the entire frequency range used by terrorists and insurgents for hostile comm’s and RC-IED radio detonation. Upon detection of a suspected transmission, a corresponding jamming signal is rapidly generated. When the jamming signal is focused on the threat frequency, jammer efficiency and range are greatly enhanced.

Rugged Design

C-Guard RJ ManPack has a robust mechanical design - fully complies with military standards including sand, dust, rain, and shock. Optional unit colors: Black, Green, Desert sand.



C-Guard RJ ManPack is equipped with long mission-life rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion BB2590 or MR2791 according to customer's preference). C-Guard RJ ManPack can also be installed in a vehicle and powered by the vehicle battery.



Jammer programming is accomplished by connecting a laptop computer, loaded with Netline’s JCC (Jammer Control Center) software, to the jammer via LAN.


 Reactive ManPack Main Features


  • *   Covers all threat bands up to 2.5/3/6 GHz
  • *   Addresses multiple concurrent threats
  • *   Rugged compact design
  • *   Rechargeable batteries - hot swappable
  • *   Tested for radiation safety in ManPack scenario
  • *   Compact shoulder mounted RCU
  • *   Available versions include Active/Reactive/Hybrid
  • *   Zeroize function to wipe sensitive data from system
  • manpack two equal antennas