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The Drone Threat


In the last few years have seen the exploding availability of inexpensive, professional grade, non-military quadcopters and other X-Axis drones. Previously available only to state forces, the extensive use of drones by terrorists, criminals and hostile foreign elements is a threatening reality. Drones mounted with cameras for pre-attack surveillance or charged with destructive payloads pose serious threats to troops, Special Forces and strategic compounds



Counter Drone Layred Defense 



Netline's DroneNet platform consists of wide band SDR (Software Defined Radio) sensors, transmitters and optional DF, all monitored and controlled by a central C4I. The platform includes three layers of countermeasures that can be chosen according to mission needs:  


Detection: RF based SIGINT passive sensors, suitable for low profile/covert operations with no transmissions.


Locating: DF (Direction Finder) passive sensors for locating the detected drone and operator.


Mitigation: Immediate neutralization of the drone, a modular, scalable system approach enables the end user to choose the type and quantity of sensors and transmitters that are integrated into the system according to operational needs and specific regulations and policies. 


DroneNet for any mission:


The DroneNet platform offers a range of equipment models, from large scale, fixed installations designs to rapid deployment and manpack systems, custom made to meet tactical mission requirements and military standards.