Detection Products

Netline's detection products are based on advanced technology optimized for demanding environments such as counter surveillance and prevention of unauthorized use of communications in sensitive facilities.

The products detect unauthorized access to the wireless spectrum as well as wireless attacks, uncovering unapproved use of frequencies, suspicious activities or devices and issuing real-time alerts.

  • NetSense – Provides continuous monitoring of the wireless spectrum in sensitive facilities. 
  • NetWiSE – Detects potential Wi-Fi threats to corporate Wi-Fi networks and devices and identifies the presence of unauthorized Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Detection for Prisons – Provides authorities at correctional facilities with real time alerts when cell phone and other cellular/Wi-Fi devices are used in restricted areas.


  • Detection

    Netline offers a cost-effective solution to the increasing problem of contraband cellphones in secured facilities such as prisons, detention centers, government agencies a...

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  • NetSense - TSCM Solution for Detection of Unauthor

    Current physical and cyber security solutions fall short in protecting enterprises against wireless espionage threats.  Existing products in the field of TSCM (Technical S...

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  • Netline Wi-Fi Sensor

    The Netline Wi-Fi Sensor is an intelligent wireless sensor which tracks and collects metadata from all devices in its range, generating valuable information and insights.

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