Netline offers a cost-effective solution to the increasing problem of contraband cellphones in secured facilities such as prisons, detention centers, government agencies and border checkpoints.


Despite the attempts to introduce dogs, wands, and increased security at entry points to secure facilities, it has not been possible to prevent smuggling and illegal use of mobile phones in prisons worldwide.

The Netline Cellular Detection System is a robust contraband cellphone detection system for secure facilities. The system consists of highly sensitive cellphone detectors, installed in strategic places. The cellphone detectors are connected to a central PC running Netline’s NetSense software which provides real-time alerts upon detection of cellular activity.


Netline’s cellphone detection system:

  • Operates without special approvals from regulatory agencies and wireless carriers
  • Detects all types of communication (voice, text, data) from the phone to the cellular network provider
  • Detects power on/off, and keep-alive (period update) transmissions
  • Provides real-time alerts whenever cellphone activity is detected
  • Meets all Local, State, and Federal regulatory requirements


Cellphone Detection Sensors   Graphic User Interface
Cellphone Detection Sensors   Graphic User Interface


Netline detectors are strategically placed throughout the facility to provide optimal coverage.

Each cellphone detector can cover a range from several to hundreds of meters (depending on configuration, cellular standards used, requirements of facility authority and environmental conditions).


Netline detectors monitor all existing commercial wireless technologies and can be remotely updated to include new standards as they are introduced (4G, LTE, Wi-MAX).


Enclosed in a durable, impact and tamper-resistant IP65 certified enclosure, Netline detectors are water and dustproof, and can be installed both inside and outside the facility buildings.

The NetSense software provides the authorities with online detailed information essential for easily locating and confiscating unauthorized cellphones.

  • Cost-Effective: Every installation is designed to provide the exact coverage required for the least possible investment.

  • Customizable: The secure, web based user interface is modular and designed around the existing workflow. Access is customized for each authorized user, based on roles, permissions, and restrictions.

  • •  Provides real-time alerts
    •  Enables location-based detection
    •  High sensitivity
    •  Easy to use control software
    •  Presents an at-a-glance unified view of facility
    •  Intuitive GUI identifies sources of interference and performance issues

  • •  Provides a history log file of events
    •  Tamper proof
    •  Upgradeable system for future cellular standards
    •  Upgradable to combined detection and jamming capabilities