NetSense - TSCM Solution for Detection of Unauthorized Wireless Activity

Current physical and cyber security solutions fall short in protecting enterprises against wireless espionage threats.  Existing products in the field of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) focus on periodic surveys of wireless communications in sensitive areas, sometimes accompanied by fixed cell phone detection.

However, these are insufficient:  Surveys, which are non-continuous by nature, only clear an area at the specific moment of the survey. Furthermore, cellular or even Wi-Fi detectors only alert for some types of threats and cannot keep up with development of threats and communication standards.

NetSense Overview


Netline’s NetSense Wireless Intrusion Detection solution effectively addresses the information leak threat, approaching TSCM in an innovative way: It provides continuous, high-speed, high-sensitivity monitoring of the wireless spectrum across multiple detection points located in a sensitive area.

The solution comprises a choice of NetSense wireless communication sensors, strategically placed at key locations in a facility or campus, combined with the NetSense Monitoring application, a powerful software tool that enables the detection and elimination of wireless cyber and espionage threats.


NetSense TSCM Features

  • Can be operated by anyone, requiring minimal training
  • Variety of sensor types enables configuring the ultimate solution for each facility or area
  • Facilitates the enforcement of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or device-free zones
  • Offers the simplicity and convenience of networked wireless detection products combined with accurate high-fidelity spectral analysis
  • System design unleashes the benefits of networked, comparative and rule based detection

NetSense Building Blocks


NetSense Wideband Sensor – a high-end wireless communication sensor offering the best-in-class performance in terms of sensitivity, instantaneous bandwidth, scan speed and resolution. NetSense Wideband detects a wide range of transmission types, including short bursts and wideband/narrowband signals. It performs continuous, rapid scanning for the 20MHz-6GHZ spectrum at the highest resolution levels.

NetSense Cell – a wireless sensor that performs affordable monitoring of pre-defined cellular and optionally also Wi-Fi frequencies. NetSense Cell can identify threats by detecting the activity of suspicious devices, and generating alerts accordingly.

NetSense Wi-Fi - an intelligent wireless sensor which tracks and collects metadata from all devices in its range. NetSense Wi-Fi identifies various parameters of surrounding devices, including unique identifiers of devices present in the designated zone, a list of the previous networks connected to each device and more.

NetSense Monitoring and Intrusion Analysis Software – an advanced solution that manages, configures and monitors all NetSense sensors. The software combines the data generated by the NetSense sensors deployed in the protected area and compares it to baseline information and policy defined for the area to produce actionable alerts about unauthorized wireless activity.