Jamming Products

Netline has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing advanced jamming technology, offering a multitude of jamming flavors for various applications.  Netline's robust jamming systems support vehicular, miniaturized and stationary applications, featuring pre initiation, hybrid active/reactive and other capabilities. All jamming products enable interoperability with other communication devices.  Netline's communication jamming systems block RF communications and can be deployed in various platforms including land, naval and airborne.


  • IED Jamming & Neutralization  products - Protect against remote radio detonation of IEDs and include robust jamming systems for vehicular, trolley, miniaturized and stationary deployments. Read more.
  • Communication Jamming Products - Block RF communications and isolate designated areas, targeting wireless communications including cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth applications. Read more.
  • Jamming for HLS products – Advanced technology enables blocking of wireless communications for protecting personnel and sensitive infrastructure. Read more.
  • Jamming for prison products – Provide continuous inhibition of cellphones in designated prison areas while minimizing interference outside the prison perimeter. Read more.
  • Managed Access – Selective connectivity in sensitive facilities based on white lists and black lists. Read more.
  • Jamming

    Based on state-of-the-art technologies, in-depth research into electronic warfare and RF communication and cellular standards, Netline leads the way in providing cutting edge j...

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  • IED Jammers and Neutralization

    Netline’s  C -Guard active  and  reactive  counter IED jamming systems protect against remote radio detonation of IEDs.

    Robust jamming systems fo...

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  • Communication Jamming

    Netline communication jamming systems block RF communications and isolate arenas targeting cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Walkie/Talkie and all other wireless communicat...

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  • Managed Access

    Netline Managed access systems for prisons (also called white list jamming) maintain “selective connectivity” at the facility.

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  • Jamming

    Netline’s prison jamming solutions provide reliable around the clock inhibition of communications in designated prison areas while minimizing undesired interference outside p...

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