IED Jammers and Neutralization

Netline’s  C -Guard active  and  reactive  counter IED jamming systems protect against remote radio detonation of IEDs.

Robust jamming systems for vehicular, man-portable, and stationary missions.

Netline offers cutting edge counter IED jamming systems. Systems can include pre-initiation, hybrid active/reactive capabilities and other advanced features. Our software defined jammer technology enables interoperability with other communication devices, supports definition of communication windows and generating jamming mission profiles, streamlining waveform strategies to match mission requirements. Military forces around the world face the threat of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) used by terrorists to harm convoys and ground troops.


Homemade bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are attached to common wireless RF receivers such as two way radios, cellular phones, pagers, remote controls etc., enabling terrorists to use the transmitter remotely and detonate IEDs. As this threat continues to develop technologically, military forces have to maintain advanced operational capabilities, by using an IED defeat solution that is based on adaptive technology, taking under account current and future threats. One of the most common ways of countering IEDs is using electronic countermeasures (ECM), known as IED jammers or bomb jammers. Specializing in RF signal jamming, Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. offers a complete line of IED jammers and bomb jamming devices based on its advanced counter IED jamming technology.






C-Guard RJ ManPack

Full Coverage Reactive IED Jamming System in a Single Unit

Netline's cutting edge solution for a full coverage reactive IED Jamming System that is housed in a single unit and can be carried by a single war fighter.

The C-Guard RJ ManPack is based on a software defined radio (SDR) platform, enabling flexibility and adaptability to various arenas and new emerging threats.


Reactive Jamming
C-Guard RJ ManPack incorporates a wideband receiver that continuously performs broadband spectral analysis of the entire frequency range used by terrorists and insurgents for hostile comm's and RC-IED radio detonation. Upon detection of a suspected transmission, a corresponding jamming signal is rapidly generated. When the jamming signal is focused on the threat frequency, jammer efficiency and range are greatly enhanced.


Rugged Design
C-Guard RJ ManPack has a robust mechanical design - fully complies with military standards including sand, dust, rain, and shock. Optional unit colors: Black, Green, Desert sand.


C-Guard RJ ManPack is equipped with long mission-life rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion BB2590 or MR2791 according to customer's preference). C-Guard RJ ManPack can also be installed in a vehicle and powered by the vehicle battery.


Jammer programming is accomplished by connecting a laptop computer, loaded with Netline's JCC (Jammer Control Center) software, to the jammer via LAN.


Reactive ManPack Main Features

  • Covers all threat bands up to 2.5/3/6 GHz
  • Addresses multiple concurrent threats
  • Rugged compact design
  • Rechargeable batteries - hot swappable
  • Tested for radiation safety in ManPack scenario
  • Compact shoulder mounted RCU
  • Available versions include Active/Reactive/Hybrid
  • Zeroize function to wipe sensitive data from system
  • Optional vehicle mount available