Mobile Security
for the real world.

Protecting your data, identity and assets has never been harder, that's what drives us to deliver solutions that maximize mobile device security.
Bring your own device, we'll secure it.


Anti-Malware Cyber Defense

Protects your device from known and unknown (zero-day) exploits being used to target your device and use it against you. A complete set of capabilities that actively monitors activity and communications to and from the device and ensures that Trojan Horses are neutralized and you are informed upon any attempt to access your information.


SS7 Network Attack Protection

With more and more adversaries gaining access to the inter-operator (SS7) network and utilizing it to track your device, listen to your calls and view your messages, security also means network anonymity. VAULTO protects you and your device by detecting and diverting such attacks.


Voice and Text Encryption

Secures your communications by encrypting all communication channels while maintaining the highest quality of service and ease of use.


Tactical Interception Avoidance

Hides your device from the wireless claws of fake base-station and IMSI catcher operators to ensure privacy and anonymity.


Personal Protected Zone

Creates a secure wireless zone for your device, protecting it against unique attacks such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) that can completely bypass traditional defenses.