Netline is at the forefront in the global war on terrorism working closely with leading military forces and government agencies, offering a wide range of electronic warfare, jamming, interception and detection systems, used on a daily basis in conflict zones around the world.

Netline defense solutions are operationally proven and rapidly. Netline electronic countermeasures and spectrum dominance solutions for land, marine and airborne platforms protect personnel & equipment in conflict zones and target hostiles in the war against terror, insurgency, drugs, and crime.

  • SIGINT (Intelligence)

    Netline’s communications intelligence solutions integrate a variety of tactical SIGINT capabilities including spectral analysis, signal classification and demodulation, cell ...

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  • Jamming & Force Protection

    Since 1998, Netline has developed, manufactured and sold jamming systems providing effective Electronic Counter Measures against the threat of Radio Controlled Improvised Explo...

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  • Multi Mission Systems

    Netline products are based on SDR architecture providing the flexibility to combine different types of capabilities and configurations into a single multi-mission system, for e...

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