Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Communications Network Solutions

Netline's Emergency Communications Network Solution is an independent, miniaturized and weather-proof Mobile Cellular Base Station (Cell Tower) designed to support search and rescue activities.

It provides communication and geo-location services for cellular phones held by the affected civilian population during emergency situations or natural disasters such as earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, floods, tsunamis, and major storms.

Additionally, the solution enables critical communications for emergency management teams. In these situations, the public mobile network is often impaired, overloaded or destroyed, and communications must be established between rescue teams that use independent radio communications. Netline's FRESCO Emergency Communication Network enables a rapidly deployed private, secure GSM network at any location.

Mounted on a backpack harness, this resilient, stand-alone and compact cellular base station system is ideal for use by disaster relief personnel and first responders to enable mobile communications in hard-to-access areas. It can be deployed and made available for live communication in minutes, at the touch of a switch.

The solution enables geo-location by capturing GPS information from supported devices as well as by other methods when GPS location is unavailable.

Netline's Emergency Communications Network solution can also provide temporary cellular service in areas that are beyond the reach of public network services.

FRESCO can be mounted on vehicles and helicopters to support multiple modes of operation and operational scenarios.


Emergency Communications Network Applications

Emergency Mobile Communications – Creates an ad-hoc mobile network enabling cellphone communications within a typical radius of up to 1.5 km.

Emergency Mass SMS/Text Messaging - Enables sending mass SMS/text messages with emergency instructions to all cellphones in the coverage area.

Emergency Victim Location - Saves lives by locating cellphones in out-of-service areas, revealing the location of trapped, buried or missing victims by tracking their cellular devices.

Rapid Cellular Temporary Connectivity – Provides temporary cellular service in places unreachable by macro network services like construction sites, mines, offshore drilling platforms, etc.


  • Standalone compact cellular base station
  • Rapid deployment
  • Man/vehicle/helicopter mountable
  • Selective blocking/tracking/monitoring of specific mobile phones
  • Geo-location of hand-sets
  • Supports voice conversation between any two hand-sets
  • Supports multiple simultaneous conversations based on the number of channels configured