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In today's organizations, as the realms of physical and cyber security become an entity, business thrive on information and become knowledge bases. Enterprises, Corporations, whether as business, government or military, are required to address two types of threats: The first is traditional surveillance, often using smart cyber devices and radio communications to infiltrate information systems.

The other threat is posed by personal mobile devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which are critical elements in any productive and dynamic organization,  yet constitute a significant danger, even in organizations implementing MDM (Mobile Device Management) measures. These devices can be connected to external networks, unmonitored, and can be easily concealed and intentionally or unintentionally carried into sensitive facilities without being detected by standard security measures.




Netline's physical and information enterprise security solutions provide a full-scale solution to these threats, from continuous (24/7) detection of unauthorized mobile and wireless devices, to protocol specific monitoring of these devices and real-time prevention. Netline's Security solutions enable organizations to dramatically minimize risks posed by unauthorized wireless communications devices and software.

Netline's Enterprise Security Solutions continuously build on our in-depth expertise in surveillance solutions and electronic warfare. The solutions are easy to deploy and control, and provide a user-friendly, clear graphic status on demand. A wide variety of security solutions are available, each of which can be tailored to the needs of any enterprise or organization.

Variety of Innovative Enterprise Security Solutions

  • Wireless Intrusion Detection – enhances intrusion protection by mitigating the risks of eavesdropping, or cyber/conventional espionage. Based on multi-sensor technology, detection solutions can be customized and configured to meet the specific needs of any enterprise or organization.
  • NetSense – 24/7 counter espionage monitoring for sensitive locations/facilities.
  • NetWiSE – Wi-Fi Security Enforcer system combines passive monitoring of Wi-Fi signals with intelligent analysis tools.
  • Communication Control – Wireless communications management and blocking systems enabling selective blocking of specific cellular users/populations or services, according to defined policies.
  • Bespoke Solutions – Based on Netline's technological assets and expertise, enabling the detection, monitoring, control and denial of various forms of wireless communication, Netline can tailor custom solutions to virtually any organization’s needs or requirements.