Wireless Intrusion Detection for Counter Surveillance

In today's environment, surveillance and information leakage from human interactions as well as from cyber, cellular and other networks is becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated, often bypassing enterprise defenses through wireless communications.

 These attacks threaten organizations in all domains, from businesses, through government entities, to military and other sensitive information facilities and SCIFs.

 Netline's Wireless Intrusion Detection (WID) solutions use advanced technology for counter surveillance purposes, preventing potential attacks, by managing and minimizing risks. Netline's WID solutions scan the radio spectrum for unauthorized access to assets and wireless attacks, uncovering unauthorized use of frequencies, suspicious activities or devices and issuing real-time alerts.

Netline's solutions are exceedingly effective, with high-precision detection, real-time alerts, wide coverage of the radio spectrum and a variety of configurations which can match virtually any type of enterprise and threat. The systems can be used to enforce corporate policies relating to Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Variety of WID Solutions for Counter Surveillance

Netline offers an abundance of solutions to combat cyber and wireless attacks on sensitive information:

  • NetSense Netline's flagship Wireless Intrusion Detection System for fixed installations provides continuous monitoring of the wireless spectrum in sensitive facilities. NetSense combines the fidelity and accuracy of professional TSCM equipment with workflows and user experience suitable for enterprise security personnel.
  • NetWiSE Detects potential Wi-Fi threats to corporate Wi-Fi networks and devices and identifies the presence of unauthorized Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Bespoke Wireless Intrusion Detection Solutions – Based on Netline’s technological assets in related domains, the company is able to complement its detection solutions with additional components, to deliver a complete, customer-tailored solution for proactive management and elimination of wireless information security threats.