Bomb Disposal (EOD)

Full Coverage Portable Counter IED Reactive Jamming System 

The C-GUARD RD SLIDER is a transportable, ruggedized jamming system designed to support ground forces on the battlefield, bomb squads during EOD neutralization and anti-terror missions.

The RD system is comprised of the same building blocks as Netline’s Vehicle SLIDER, bringing the capabilities of a powerful, flexible vehicular jamming system into a portable system, housed in a trolley-style case, and suited to the dynamic operational environment.

The C-GUARD system transmits interfering radio signals, in the range of 20-6000MHz, maintaining a safe environment during ground operations. Each module covers a different frequency band range & output power level. The Slider modules can be integrated with new frequency bands according to specific mission requirements and are easily exchanged in the field making the system highly flexible with no system down time.

Main Features

  1. Active/Reactive/Hybrid jamming technology 
  2. Covers threats in the range of 20-6000 MHz including VHF / UHF, all cell phone standards (2G, 3G, 4G), ISM, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and satellite phones
  3. Easily deployed, carried by a single person 
  4. Multiple jamming schemes: barrage, sweep, spot and complex waveforms
  5. Simultaneously blocks multiple threats
  6. Very low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), no periodic maintenance required
  7. Based on an SDR platform, enabling DDS / AWG signal generation
  8. Zeroize function to delete sensitive data from the system

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