Cellular Jamming

Netline’s prison cellular jamming solutions provide reliable around the clock inhibition of communications in designated prison areas while minimizing undesired interference outside prison perimeter by not disturbing frequency ranges allocated for downlink communications of cellular networks. 

Advanced capabilities of Netline’s Cell Phone Jammers include triggered jamming, selected jamming and combined managed access / jamming systems in order to provide failsafe cell phone control against unauthorized use of cellphones, satelite phones, walkie-talkies, Wi-Fi, and remote control RF devices.

Netline jamming systems for prisons block consists of one or more cell phone jammers which distribute transmissions through strategically located antennas to create clean coverage throughout the site and minimize jamming “spillover” to unwanted areas. Frequency outputs per jamming point are carefully calibrated enabling lower radiation output per point and greater flexibility in coverage distribution. Jamming systems connect to a network and are easily managed by security personnel from one central location using Netline’s proprietary jammer management and control software.