Communication Jamming




Mini & Tactical UAS

Woodpecker Light is a communication jamming system that analyzes the RF frequency spectrum as configured to identify/ classify and block numerous threats simultaneously. The system is used mainly in conflicts zones, to detect and block communications above and within enemy’s territory.

The Woodpecker Light consists of modular elements and available in a variety of form factors, 

from miniaturized UAV payloads to 19″ racks. The system can be installed in either ground/ vehicular /ship borne/ airborne platforms, according to customer and mission needs.


System Advantages

  1. Stand-in jamming capability
  2. Low power
  3. Small, lightweight
  4. Modular, scalable
  5. Management & control software

Latest news

IDF to Use More Counter IED Systems

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have purchased more Jamming Manpacks to neutralize Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s). The C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) man pack systems has been developed by Israeli company Netline. The system is already being operated by the IDF,

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Israel Bags €65M Jammers Deal from Spain

Israel Bags €65M Jammers Deal from Spain The Spanish Ministry of Defence has selected an Israeli developed jammer, Netline, to protect its army vehicles from improvised explosive device (IED). Netline was selected after competing with eight companies. The contract is valued

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