Counter Drone System

Anti Drone Protection – A Real Challenge 

A revolution is taking place these days as drones are used to pivot the whole nature of warfare. 

The use of inexpensive, off-the-shelf drones by adversaries has skyrocketed in recent years, manifests a genuine threat to National Security. 

Drones poses a dynamic, unexpected threat, starting from cross-border intelligence gathering & surveillance, drone strikes, drone swarms, data interception, etc.

Drones are now a real, asymmetrical threat to the frontline forces which are now exposed not only on land, but also from the air.  

Multi-Layered Counter Drone Defense 

The increasing engagement of drones in attack & intelligence gathering missions, is a major challenge not only to defense forces, but also to domestic law enforcement. 

Police forces and HLS agencies are required to equip themselves with efficient counter UAV measures. 

HLS missions such as protecting on-the-move VIPs and convoys, strategic compounds protection (i.e., airports, gas rigs, critical infrastructures) have become much more challenging and complex to execute. 

Anti Drone Protection

Netline’s multi-layer Counter-Drone system, the DroneNet, provides a holistic solution for EW Drone Protection.

The system provides a safe environment for strategic targets by creating a virtual “protective dome” isolating the protectee and preventing unauthorized drones from intruding critical airspace.  

The solution includes three defense layers, to be customized according to the operational requirements of Anti Drone Protection

Mission Control 

The C4I segment allows full control of the mission and provides real-time display of the detected threats. The C4I segment was designed for easy and intuitive operation, by a single operator.

DroneNet for Any Mission

The DroneNet platform offers a range of configurations, from large scale, fixed installation designs to rapid deployment and man-pack systems, designed to meet the requirements of tactical counter UAS missions according to military standards.

The following system configurations are available: