Compound Drone Protection

In today’s world, wireless technology has become part of every aspect of life. Most of those uses promote and improve our wellbeing, by streamlining manufacturing and improving services, improving communication and providing better healthcare. However, as wireless technologies become more pervasive, they also find their way into the hands of those who pose a threat to VIP’s, whether on a military convoy, political & religious gatherings, public appearances and more.


Netline’s VIP Security solutions build on our in-depth expertise in surveillance solutions and electronic warfare to deliver complete, custom solutions;


  1. Communication jamming systems that prevent unauthorized communications which could be used by hostile forces or for controlling explosive devices.
  2. Communication Detection systems which enable continuous (24/7) detection of unauthorized mobile and wireless devices around the protected VIP’s
  3. Drone protection– detection, identification & optional mitigation above protected areas (i.e – VIP convoy, public appearances of VIP’s, etc. )
  4.  The solutions are easy to deploy and control, and provide a user-friendly, clear graphic status on demand.



Latest news

IDF to Use More Counter IED Systems

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have purchased more Jamming Manpacks to neutralize Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s). The C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) man pack systems has been developed by Israeli company Netline. The system is already being operated by the IDF,

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Israel Bags €65M Jammers Deal from Spain

Israel Bags €65M Jammers Deal from Spain The Spanish Ministry of Defence has selected an Israeli developed jammer, Netline, to protect its army vehicles from improvised explosive device (IED). Netline was selected after competing with eight companies. The contract is valued

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