Rapid Deployment COUNTER IED

C-GUARD Rapid Deployment (RD) System 

The C-Guard RD is a portable jamming system designed for both military and homeland security markets. The C-Guard RD supports VIP preventative protection during public appearances, anti-terror missions, raids and kidnapping rescue missions, bomb squads during roadblocks & EOD neutralization and more. The C-Guard RD creates a virtual “Protective Dome” around the protected area and team, isolating the protectee from hostile communication designed to remotely detonate RCIED within that area. 

The C-Guard RD system protects against various threats in the range of 20-6000 MHz, including VHF / UHF, all cellular standards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and satellite phones. Based on an SDR platform, with modular and flexible architecture (each module is a self-contained independent jammer), the system is completely scalable and can be adjusted to different scenarios and arenas. 

Easily transported, the system is housed in a rugged trolley-style pelican case which can be wheeled by one person or installed quickly in a vehicle, providing IED protection in operational scenarios where counter-IED vehicle has no access.

The C-Guard RD can be used under harsh environmental conditions, supporting tactical forces on the battlefield and/or during anti-terror missions & bomb squads during EOD neutralization.

Main Features

  1. Reactive/Active/Hybrid Jamming Modes (See below)
  2. SDR (Software Define Radio) Based
  3. Modular and scalable Architecture
  4. MIL-STD 810-F & IP65 compliance
  5. GPS time synchronization
  6. Zeroize function to wipe sensitive data from system
  7. Tablet based Remote Control Unit (RCU) for full operation

Jamming Modes