Counter IED



C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Vehicular System 

IEDs are a major threat to security forces around the world, causing heavy casualties. As this threat continues to develop technologically, military and security forces have to maintain advanced operational capabilities, by using an IED defeat solution that is based on adaptive technology, taking under account current and future threats. 

Netline’s vehicle mounted jamming systems protect military and senior VIP convoys by preventing remote radio detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The C-Guard vehicular systems transmit interfering radio signals around the vehicles to maintain a safe environment while driving in a convoy.

Netline offers a unique solution to enable VIP’s communication through their personal cell phone inside the vehicle, while the cellular jamming band for all other devices is actually jammed by the system. 

Netline offers a complementary protection suite against the threat of remote controlled IED threats. The system is easily upgradeable to support emerging threats and new frequencies (flexible Software Defined Radio platform). The vehicular C-Guard systems are customized and tested per customer requirements

Main Features;

  •    Active / Reactive/Hybrid  jamming capabilities
  •    MIL-STD for harsh environmental conditions
  •    EMI/RFI compatibility
  •    Human radiation safety standards
  •    Programmable, supporting wide range of mission profiles
  •    Variety of antennas including covert and low-profile antennas

Jamming Modes