Counter IED

The C-Guard Family – Counter IED Solution

The Threat

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is an unconventional explosive weapon, which can be fabricated easily, at relatively low cost, to take any form and to suit any operational environment. 

Self-made bombs are connected to common wireless RF receivers such as two-way radios, cellular phones, pagers, remote controls etc., enabling terrorists to operate as a single man, individual terrorist cell without depending on well prepared, intelligence-based terror infrastructure. 

IEDs are generally made from nonmilitary components and are usually employed by non-state armed groups & resistance movements (mostly in asymmetric warfare). 

These kinds of attacks traditionally target concentrations of civilians or state forces and currently occur globally on a scale of hundreds of incidents per month, resulting in thousands of casualties.

RCIEDs continue to be the weapon of choice for adversaries, either with the IED as an only threat or within a hybrid complex scenario.

IED Countermeasures

Specializing in EW systems, Netline’s comprehensive approach for remotely preventing detonation of IED, is based on full coverage Counter IED (C-IED) jamming systems in multiple configurations, suited to the ever-changing operational environment & needs.

Netline offers a complete line of C-IED systems, the C-Guard Family, utilizing full coverage, reactive jamming systems, providing the force in action with a virtual “protective dome” shielding the force by preventing detonation of IEDs within the protected area. 

The IED solutions are tailored for to fit different operational scenarios and mission types. 

C-Guard Counter-IED Reactive Jamming (RJ) systems are available in both mounted and dismounted configurations; Netline’s mounted systems include the C-Guard RJ Slider system, for vehicle installation, and our dismounted systems include the C-Guard RJ ManPack and the C-Guard RJ Rapid Deployment, providing squad level IED countermeasures. 

C-Guard systems support interoperability with other communication devices and other C-Guard units in the arena.

Our Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology enables flexibility and adaptation of jamming strategies to specific regions and/or operational arenas and threats.

Jamming Technologies

Netline’s C-IED systems combine several jamming technologies, providing customers with a comprehensive solution against a broad range of threats.

Active Jamming

  • Netline’s active jammers continuously broadcast interfering radio signals across a broad range of frequencies commonly used for hostile communications and for triggering RCIED.
  • Each band module can be programmed to block either the entire frequency band (broadband) or to limit jamming to a narrower range within the band.
  • Highly effective against low power threats. 
  • Jamming can be optimized by allocating different power levels to each sub-band. 

Reactive Jamming (RJ)

  • Threat oriented jamming technique, based on a real-time wideband receiver & signal processing to focus jamming energy against the specific detected threats in order to increase jamming range.
  • Jamming is triggered by a detected threat.
  • Fast response for multiple threats, simultaneous operation.
  • Utilizes short “look-through” periods, allowing scanning for new threats while jamming active known threats.
  • Highly effective against high power and short ranges threats (where active jammer fails).
  • Focusing the energy on specific channels achieves optimal performance with minimum energy waste.

Hybrid Jamming

Netline’s Hybrid jamming combines the best of both worlds as it incorporates the strengths of both technologies.

C-Guard’s Reactive modules surgically defeat high power, short distance (therefore highly threatening) threats while the active modules defend against low power, undetected threats.

C-Guard RJ Vehicle

C-Guard RJ ManPack

C-Guard RJ Rapid Deployment